• Jo Allen

The Selfie Movement Killed a Baby Dolphin

Earlier this month, a story surfaced from Argentina about a rare dolphin that was killed. However, it wasn’t due to fishing or natural causes, but by a human trend called ‘selfies.’

The rare dolphin, La Plata, is endangered and has a condition that causes it to become dehydrated quicker than other types of dolphins when taken out of the water.

In this particular case, a man on a beach in Buenos Aries spotted the calf and proceeded to pick it up out of the water. As fellow beach-goers noticed what was happening, a crowd began to form. Selfies were taken as the dolphin was passed around. After a while, they placed the dolphin back on the beach near the water and noticed it unresponsive.

When this story surfaced, it blew up on social media and the interwebs. People and activist groups were outraged at the actions of the beach-goers. Students in the United States had some thoughts.

“Who would do that? Anyone who knows anything about a dolphin knows they would die if taken out of water for any amount of time,” Niagara University student Carl Bailey said.

The legality of the issue and whether it could be prevented was also discussed when students heard about the story. Bailey was shocked that no steps have been taken against the man that removed the baby dolphin from the water.

Another student Rob Derret felt very strongly about this topic. He researched the age of the person that took the dolphin out of the water and got more upset upon finding it was a grown man.

“If it was a child, it is understandable that he wouldn’t know, and it would be a lesson. But it was an adult who apparently didn’t use common sense when taking a dolphin out of the water. It is beyond me that he thought it could survive for several minutes,” Derret stated.

Both Darren and Bailey agreed that not only would this happen in the United States.

Michele Burgwin, a senior at NU, said: “Yes it would most definitely occur in the US because there are stupid people everywhere.”

Students at NU coincided that if in the same situation, they wouldn’t take the dolphin out of the water, but merely take pictures of it in the water.

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