• Jo Allen

The Brussels terror attacks: A timeline.

Earlier this morning in Belgium, shortly before 8 a.m., the Brussels Airport confirmed two explosions took place, and the airport had been evacuated. According to their Twitter, the airport also warned people to stay away from the area altogether.

The explosions in the airport were believed to be hidden in luggage, followed shortly after one another. Then, at 9:11 a.m., a bomb tore through a car of a subway train as it was pulling out of the Laelbeek station.

The Belgian news agency confirmed shots were fire and shout in Arabic shouting after the explosion. AP reports Belgium police confirmed, at least, one death due to the explosion. The Belgium Prime Minister, Charles Micheal, tweeted that the situation is the top priority, as well as the victims.

As the day carried on, US President Barack Obama was briefed on the blast. “The president was apprised this morning of the explosions in Brussels, Belgium,” an official said after the blasts at Brussels airport and metro station. He later spoke about it from Cuba, saying it’s his mission to find those responsible.

Flags are being flown at half-mast on UK government building, and the rest of the world shows their support.

The Belgian health minister, Maggie De Block spoke to the Belgian broadcaster VTM said there were 350 injured and 31 dead, the Guardian reports.

Two of the suspected attackers were captured on television, dressed in black and wearing gloves thought to have concealed detonators. Belgian police launched a series of raids in hopes of finding the third man. The NYT reports a search that led to the discovery of “an explosive device containing nails, among other things and chemical products and a flag of the Islamic State.”

The identities of the men are unknown, and police continued to issue photographs asking or the public’s aid in finding and capturing the man. The Belgian federal prosecutor’s office confirmed the three men in a picture published in the Belgian news media are suspects in the airport bombings.

As the day progressed, The New York Times reported that ISIS claimed responsibility.

In the afternoon, Amaq, a news agency affiliated with the Islamic state issues a bulletin saying the militant group was responsible for the attacks.

Belgium has emerged as a focus of counterterrorism investigators after the attacks on Paris. The world continues to show their love and support after the attack.

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