• Jo Allen

NYT vs. Everyone Else

It seems as though news today is all online, so as millennials and up-and-coming students go into the world it is expected that we keep up with what’s going on into the world. When local news organizations have appealing web site’s, it makes it easier. The Buffalo News has a very aesthetic approach and professional advantage compared to local patch sites such as The Public. The Buffalo News has a research-based approach to their stories while The Public has a historical side to their stories. When discussing research-based sites, The Buffalo News is on top of their facts and sources. The Public, however, seems to know their history and merely restate the already known facts. The Niagara Gazette appears to be in-between the news organizations mentioned above, yet their site lacks professionalism and simply intriguing.

The digital platforms of both The Public and the Buffalo News seem, to the naked eye, to be well supported and finically sound. The Niagara Gazette can be noted as struggling and lacking in a knowledge of particular technology. The Buffalo News’ site overall is minimalist and recommended articles pop up when reading a current article. The Public also has a minimalist vibe. However, it does seem a bit artsier, and the reader can feel the local aspect of the organization. Both the Buffalo News and The Public seem to be heading in the right direction from the viewpoint of a current millennial with an interest in journalism. The Niagara Gazette needs to step up their game.

The top five national news organizations to follow on Twitter, in my opinion, are CNN, NPR, New York Times, The Washington Post and The Associated Press.

The three top web site’s, CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post, all have very professional approaches to covering news, both national and global. The Washington Post and The New York Times are similar in the aspects of design, and front page coverage. The front pages of both websites are national stories and coverage. CNN seems to have both national and global right on the front page. When looking at both the NYT and The Washington Post, it feels and looks as though one is currently reading a newspaper, not a website. This design choice is quite appealing, especially to the older generations that are used to picking up a newspaper on their way to work every day, that familiarity is still there. While CNN is more breaking news and designed for breaking headlines, with no further information given unless specifically clicked on.

CNN and The Washington Post have a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to incorporating advertisements, compared to the NYT. The NYT is clever in their placement of ads in the sense that there are placed as articles and written as articles, but when hovering the mouse over the said article, you then see it is sponsored. However, it does not make the article from the sponsor unappealing. The Washington Post throws ads right at you underneath their title, as well as further down the page. CNN’s advertisement strategies are in between those of the NYT and The Washington Post. As a reader, the most appealing national news organization’s site is The New York Times, with its aesthetic design and classy look, it draws the eye for all ages.

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