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Ari says “Thank U, Therapist”

Earlier this week Ari dropped “Thank U, Next.” Now she’s making headlines for responded to a fan’s tweet about therapy, saying it “saved her life.”

Ariana Grande has been at the top of the headlines for the few weeks, whether it’s her new single “Thank U, Next,” her breakup with ex-fiancé Pete Davidson, or her being named Billboard’s  Woman of the Year. Today, she is breaking silence about mental health, by responding to a fan’s tweet.

The fan’s tweet reads “who is Ariana’s therapist and are they accepting new clients” to which the “Sweetener” singer responded with a thoughtful paragraph about how it’s okay to ask for help.

The pop star spoke about the lifesaving benefits of therapy, saying that “therapy has saved my life so many times.” The words hit home with a lot of fans, as tweets quickly came in explaining how much it means to hear these encouraging words.

“Thank U, Next,” is about being grateful for Grande’s exes, and thanking them for helping her grow, which one of the reasons her fans are so impressed with her perseverance with her music and continuously amazed by her strength. It seems as though Grande’s fans are not only inspired but grateful, as Glamour posted one response gaining lots of traction on Twitter, saying “This simple tweet is going to save a lot of people.”

This isn’t the first time Grande has spoken about anxiety and the importance of mental health, disclosing she has PTSD from the Manchester terrorist attack at her concert in 2017. “Sry I’m really really anxious and really exhausted and just trying to get thru the trip,” she tweeted on her first return to England after the attack.

“I almost feel guilty that I have anxiety because it’s just in your head and it’s just so crazy how powerful it is,” she said in a BBC Special, saying her anxiety is unpredictable.

Grande’s latest songs are open and honest, with the top ones being the most passionate. “Breathin” is all about Grande’s struggles with anxiety. Often, we don’t think of celebrities as humans but these Instagram-perfect entity’s, when in reality they deal with mental health and are just as human as we are. Mental health is becoming more common to talk about and with celebrities speaking up, it can give fans to say that asking for help is okay.

Grande posted on her Instagram story a picture “Can’t believe I almost let my anxiety ruin this for me…not today Satan! Not tomorrow or the day after either,” on the day of the Wicked 15-year anniversary show. After the anniversary show premiered, millions took to Twitter to praise the singer, supporting her both for her talent but mentioning anxiety.

Although Grande’s headlines haven’t always been based on positive news, Grande is helping change the stigma of mental health by not only simply tweeting about it, but making her fans know that they’re not alone. Between the concert bombing, her ex, Mac Miller’s recent death, her very public breakup with Davidson – Grande says self-care is important.

“It’s hard work and practice and therapy and self-care – and so much love,” Grande said in her BBC special.

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